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5 inch gauge "Fox", no.1 (demonstrator) - stock code 3256

In conjunction with some friends of ours, a batch of these engines was produced in time for Harrogate Show last year (you may have seen a line of them on the stand). This one has been used as development engine, running mainly on air in the workshop - in total it has done less than four hours steaming.

Silver soldered copper boiler by Western Steam, feed by axle pump with auxiliary hand pump in the side tank. Working pressure 80psi. Stainless steel grate and ashpan. Cast iron cylinders with slide valves actuated by Stephenson's valve gear, pole reverser in cab, mechanical lubricator. The engine is finished in a tough, satin finish epoxy coating which thus far, on its siblings, has proved smart and durable.

The engine is warrantied as essentially sound - it is pretty much a new locomotive - however it needs a variety of odds and sods jobs doing which, currently, we don't have time to fit in around other engines currently in build in the workshop.

For those of a competitive nature, it's one of the few 5 inch gauge engines that sneaks in under the LittleLEC weight limit (and there's still time for an entry for this year's event) - there's a clip of the engine running here.

Length 22 1/2 inches
Weight 48 pounds

gauge 5 inch