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3 inch scale Burrell - stock code 5055

A part-built 3 inch scale Burrell to Plastow's tried and tested design. This one looks to be about 80% complete, tt came in a while ago as a part exchange on a 4 inch scale engine. Work to date is pedestrian rather than show-winning and comprises a largely assembled engine complete with copper boiler, tender, all gearing including differential, cylinder machined and mounted on the boiler and all motionwork - there's also a box of loose bits including chimney, flywheel, pump, grate, steering wheel and chains, along with a set of drawings.

There can hardly be a soul alive who hasn't seen a 3 inch Burrell chugging about at their local rally - if you don't know what they look like finished, there are several good ones pictured in the archive, as well as this one which arrived recently. Enduringly popular, the Plastow design produces a free-steaming engine that will pull a couple of people about all day long yet is also easy to transport.

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