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3 inch Burrell - stock code 2050

older example of a 3 inch scale Burrell to H.R.Plastow's popular design.

Two-speed 6nhp agricultural traction engine, single cylinder with slide valve and Stephenson's reversing gear. Cylinder fitted with mechanical lubricator, draincocks and blower valve. Copper boiler fed by crankshaft pump and injector, 100 psi working pressure. The engine has a differential and winch drum mounted behind the nearside rear wheel. Backhead fittings include pressure gauge, water gauge with blowdown cock and steam valves for injector and water lifter.

This engine has been stored in a barn for the last few years which hasn't done a great deal for the paintwork, although the brightwork has all been kept oiled. We have given the boiler a 150 psi hydraulic test - it is structurally sound with dry stays and tubes at both ends. There are two very fine pinhole leaks - one at the front of the foundation ring, the other low down on the backhead. Both could be repaired with Comsol, although the engine would need to be partially stripped (preferably removing tender and hornplates).

The engine needs a general overhaul and tidy up - the fairleads for the winch are missing and the band brake requires attention, but it runs well and could be put back into useable order without a great deal of work.

These engines are a good size for rallying, being small enough to put in the back of a car (particularly if the chimney is removed first) yet capable of hauling several people.

Length 48 inches
Weight 250 pounds

scale 3 inch