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2 inch scale MJ Fowler traction engine - stock code 1825

A 2 inch scale model of a Fowler two speed traction engine, to the MJ design and using their castings. Built in 1990 with a copper boiler by Cheddar Models, the engine has been rallied ever since by its builder. The complete outfit includes a ride-on living van and water bowser which supplies cold water for the injector. Currently fitted with "practical" plastic wheels, the living van comes complete with its original steel spoked wheels, matching the bowser.

Boiler feed is by mechanical pump with bypass valve and injector. There is a water lifter for filling the tender using the hose stowed on the running board.

The engine runs very well, giving me a very comfortable ride down the garden last night. Provided you have patience (and, ideally, broadband access to the internet for the 2Mb download) you can see the video of it running here. Don't say we don't strive for the cutting edge of technology on this website!

The engine is in good mechanical condition, is nicely-detailed and runs very well. Paintwork is a little tired, mainly on the barrel and smokebox where it could easily be touched up. The water bowser needs some minor repair work. At 2 inch scale, this is a nice-sized outfit, easily managed with one person yet capable of pulling its driver and a passenger on the living van.

Length (engine) 36 inches
Weight approx 100 pounds

scale 2 inch