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2 inch scale Fowler DCC Showmans engine - stock code 1523

An exceptional quality 2 inch scale model of one of the most powerful road locomotives built in England, the Fowler B6 "Big Lion", which found favour amongst heavy haulage firms and Showmen in the early part of the nineteenth century. Four years of research using original drawings preceded a 16 year construction period resulting in a superb fine scale model of a 1920 engine, complete in all details.

A three-speed, high pressure compound engine, the B6 was rated by its makers as 76 indicated horsepower, with a maximum of 120 ihp for short periods. Its load-hauling capabilities were legendary, one Big Lion being on record as having hauled a 125 ton load. The cylinder block featured Fowler's distinctive inclined valve chests on top of the cylinders, the crank had 90 degree throws with bolted-on balance weights. Three speeds allowed for a third "extra fast" gear which gave the engines fast road performance when hauling fairs from town to town - speeds of up to 18 mph with 45 tons on the back were not uncommon. The engine is fitted with a winch and differential, the winch doubling-up to operate a rear-mounted crane used for setting up the fairground rides - the crane itself is quickly fitted to the tender-mounted mast, is fully working and extends two feet to the back of the engine with a height of some three feet.

This model is one of the finest-detailed we have bought, exceptionally well-made with very fine workmanship throughout. The paintwork, with fine, authentic lining and good signwriting is well-executed. Overall length is just under 48 inches, weight around 200 pounds. The engine is housed in a purpose-built transit box trolley complete with in-built lifting jacks and fitted sailcloth cover.

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