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10 1/4 inch gauge VBT locomotive - stock code 6033

I was taken with this from the first time I saw it, it's caused not a little interest in the workshop since it arrived (amongst both residents and visitors).

Built over a twenty year period, this is the work of a highly capable, not to say imaginative engineer (his garden features, amongst other things, a full-size steam hammer, built around the cylinder from a large steam pump, with which he forged his own fence pailings...). Conceived as an 0-4-0 tram locomotive for 10 1/4 inch gauge, it's a "plausible" rather than "scale" design - I think he's pulled it off with great style.

Steam is supplied by the steel cross tube boiler, 100 psi working pressure - it was commercially built for the project in the 1990s. Motive power is courtesy of a 1906 Locomobile engine, twin cylinder with slide valves. Wheels have been rough turned and await fitting to axles - although intended as a 10 1/4 inch gauge engine, it could be run as anything from 7 1/4 to 12 1/4 - the axleboxes are fitted with roller bearings ready to fit the wheelsets. There are a quantity of new sprockets and chain.

This would not take a great deal of work or money to complete. It's an interesting concept, well-executed and nicely detailed, which would make a useful sized engine capable of negotiating tight curves - what better excuse would you need to start laying 10 1/4 in gauge track in the garden?

Hydraulic test 22-Nov-2013 TP 200psi WP 100psi

Length 59 inches
Width 27 inches
Height 47 inches

gauge 10 1/4 inch