3 inch scale Allchin traction engine -stock code 4247
Sold Feb 2011

I spend so much time seeing Allchins in 1 1/2 inch scale, built to the highly-detailed Hughes "Royal Chester" design, it's easy to forget quite what a big engine this was in full size. When doubled up to three inch scale, the sheer size quickly becomes apparent, making for one of the very largest engines in this scale we get in.

This is a well-advanced model, built to the "Royal Chester" design, using a boiler and castings from John Rex. The builder had the cylinder and gears professionally machined, work remaining includes:

Boiler is complete with all paperwork and original hydraulic test certificate, there are a set of drawings, copy of the build manual and the Allchin "Globe Works" book. Wheels have bonded rubber tyres.

Weight 470 pounds

Hydraulic test @300 pounds for 120psi working pressure

4247-a 4247-b 4247-c
4247-d 4247-f 4247-g
4247-h 4247-i 4247-j
4247-k 4247-l 4247-m
4247-n 4247-o 4247-p
4247-q 4247-r 4247-s
4247-t 4247-u 4247-v