Gauge 1 Aster "King George V" - stock code 3894
Sold Mar 2010

Gauge 1 "King George V" by Aster, this engine came from a gentleman who bought it new as a factory-assembled engine. His main passion was building traction engines and wagons (I sold his 1 1/2 inch scale Allchin earlier in the year) - in retirement he moved into making scale artillery pieces, leaving little time for the King which, after a couple of steamings, was retired to a display case in his study.

The engine has been been thoroughly cleaned and test steamed, it runs perfectly. It's spirit-fired, has an axle and hand pump and is complete with its original box and construction manual. 

3894-a 3894-b 3894-c
3894-d 3894-e 3894-f
3894-g 3894-h 3894-i
3894-j 3894-k